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Sumaq Pacha

WHO we are

The charitable foundation Sumaq Pacha has been founded as a response to social inequality and educational deficiencies in Peru. The foundation’s name comes from Quechua, the native language of the Andean Region of South America, and translates as a “Better World” - Sumaq meaning "better" and Pacha meaning "world.”

Not only one, but everyone needs a future

WHAT we do

The goal and mission behind creating the Pacha Sumaq Foundation is to provide support for the most needy in the area of education, which currently represents a fundamental pillar for the development of children and the youth.
The ultimate purpose of Sumaq Pacha is therefore to finance and develop educational projects for the children and young enthusiasts who seek new opportunities in order to find the way which would enable them to create this "Better World" that we all long for.

Sumaq Pacha
Mikołaj Bernard

Mikołaj Bernard

Founder of Sumaq Pacha Foundation

Born and raised in Poland. At the age of sixteen Mikołaj was awarded with a European Union scholarship to continue his education in Germany. After having studied in various countries abroad and being involved in numerous international academic projects, in 2005 Mikołaj graduated with a Master’s Degree of Business Management.

His passion for Latin America, it´s unique people, remarkable culture as well as interests for social inequality and support started 2004 in Mexico.

Four years later, as continuation of his professional career, Mikołaj came to Lima, Peru - this being a milestone and starting point for Sumaq Pacha Foundation.

For Mikołaj education is the elementary key to break a cycle of poverty. The principle aim of his activity is therefore to provide education to those who need it as well as discover and enhance the potential and talents of young enthusiasts. This helping to open their eyes for unlimited and wonderful life opportunities and teach how to successfully challenge them!

Private charitable foundation of M. Bernard